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Television Series created by Dale Guy Madison


Based on the memoir, Dreamboy: My Life as a QVC Host & Other Greatest Hits by Dale Guy Madison, My Life in 3 Easy Payments (MLI3EP) will inspire you to "dare 2 dream" stand in your truth and believe in yourself. Watching MLI3EP reflects a past that is still very true for young and old today because the journey is universal, ageless, and timeless. A show about acceptance, love, and friendships in a community that is highly underrepresented.


Television Bible


This is Us meets Insecure. A heartwarming coming of age story about three friends and their lifelong friendships growing up in Baltimore in the 70’s with the shared experience of performing in drag. As adults in 1991, the friends are still close, but now have different dreams. The leader of the group still does drag, but also is also a TV shopping host at the height of its craze. Taking place in Baltimore, music is a huge part of the tone of the show. The title of each episode will be the name of a song that will be heard in the episode. The Winslow Dynasty, a Baltimore musical family will recreate much of the sound of the classic music in addition to creating original songs. We also see row houses, crab cakes, the arts and culture of Mount Vernon, the ethnic festivals, the Inner Harbor, and the historically gay community of the '70s prior to the HIV crisis and the '90s during AIDS awareness.


Five season arc with 8 -10 thirty minute long episodes each season. SEASON ONE: DENIAL Pilot Ep. 1 “One Night With You” Dale Madison as a teen struggles to be accepted for who he is by his working-class blue-collar mother. Dale Madison, a fledging African storyteller seeking stardom, is hired as new host at FSN while trying to balance life as a gay man in Baltimore. Ep.2 “Does You Mama Know About Me” Dale and his friends Boo & Keith, with fake I.D.’s go into a downtown Baltimore adult peep show. Dale goes into a booth alone but is soon joined by a man and has his first gay sexual experience. At FSN, Dale gets push back from corporate regarding being “too gay” on air. It becomes an asset when a special guest appears on FSN, has a breakdown, and Dale helps the situation. Ep. 3 “Bill, When Are You Coming Back” Dale and Ricky wait for their father to take them to the City Fair. When Bill arrives, Dale is playing with action figures. Bill tells Lovelean “you shouldn’t let that boy play with dolls. He’s gonna be a sissy.” Years later, Dale’s father comes to visit him after seeing him on FSN. His father’s presence brings up unresolved feelings from his youth. Ep. 4 “Touch” Dale meets and sleeps with a fan he met while out shopping with Keith. He’s conflicted about using his newfound celebrity for sex. Dale and Ricky get bullied at school and Ricky shows Dale how to fight back without using hands. Ep. 5 “No One Gets The Prize” Dale runs into Melvin and his wife. She knows everything and talks about it freely and openly. Dale’s friends seem to be on a clear path for their careers, he tries a series of different jobs hoping to find fulfillment. He meets and falls for a local closeted politician. Ep. 6 “Working Overtime” Dale dates a girl in high school, and they have sex. Although he knows he gay, he does enjoy the experience. Dale and Ingram are temporarily teamed together, while Valerie’s number soar. Ep.7 “Reach out and Touch Somebody’s Hand”
Dale moves in with his father because he lives closer to school and his boyfriend also lives nearby. Bill physically puts Dale out of the house after he comes home with a hickey. Dale learns that Jacob identifies as non-binary. Even as a gay man, Dale must educate himself on various identities. Ep. 8 “Dirty Looks” Dale works as a nude model and telephone operator. He discovers that one of the students is a stalker who knows him from his operator work. Boo goes on a date and is sexually assaulted. Dale and Keith come to his aid. Ep. 9 “Remember Me” The girl Dale has been sleeping with gets pregnant. Together they decided to get an abortion. Dale doesn’t have enough money and borrows some from Boo and Keith. Dale’s father has a heart attack. Dale visits him in the hospital with his mother and brother. Ep. 10 “Love Hangover” Dale smokes some really fucking bad weed, laced with PCP. His father has him immediately committed to a mental institution using this as an opportunity to cure Dale of his homosexuality. Dale, Valerie, and Ingram fight over who will interview Gladys Knight on their show. It’s revealed that Ingram and Valerie are dating. Season Two – Recognition “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” Dale in the past deals with life after being in the mental institution. Although he has always known he has been gay, Dale recognizes that he really loves doing drag, and meets someone who teaches him how to be a drag queen. Dale recognizes the challenges of the celebrity as well as working consistently to do his best at FSN. Dale plots a plan to increase his airtime at the network.
SEASON THREE - RESIGNATION "IT'S MY TURN" During the HIV/AIDS crisis Dale gets married to a woman who is his best friend. At FSN, Dale creates a show featuring styles and fashion from the African continent. SEASON FOUR - ACCEPTANCE "I WILL SURVIVE" Dale is in a relationship with an older man and together they open an African arts and gay bookstore. FSN starts going through financial issues and Dale struggles to help make his show stand out. SEASON FIVE - EMBRACE "TAKE ME HIGHER" Dale moves to Los Angeles to do a one-man show about his life. He fully embraces his sexuality and works at an LGBTQ youth center. He takes the skills he learned at FSN and applies them to his new job and life in Los Angeles.

Character Bios

Dale Madison: (17-33 yrs old) Self-taught fashion designer and driven leader of his group of friends who enjoy dressing up in drag. Passionate TV host, seeking to find his true course in life performing for either a classroom of students, a shopping audience, gay club kids, or exploring his sexual expressions. Andre ”Boo” Combo: (17- 33 yrs old) Free-spirited barefoot dancer and best friend of Dale. Very fair complexion. Serious hard-working television director who runs the shopping channel daily production. Keith Driver: (17 - 33 yrs old) Works at a local record store providing the music for the teen drag group, but always the fun-loving, quick-witted partner in crime with “Boo” and Dale. Dark complexion. A respected member of the LGBTI community as a business owner running a drag club in midtown Mount Vernon Baltimore. Ricky Madison: (18 - 34 yrs old) Loving, nerdy comic book reading older gay brother of Dale. Miss Love: (30 - 55yrs old) Hardworking divorced mom raising two gay sons with love and discipline as a Black church community passes judgment. Ingram Yates: (28 yrs old) Dirty blonde hair and blue-eyed nemesis to Dale at FSN with a huge ego and a cocaine problem. Jacob Ikezawa: (45 yrs old) Owner of the Fashion and Style Network (FSN) Valerie Milton: (38 yrs old) Insecure, vain shopping host on FSN. She has been at the network the longest. Worried about losing fans and her beauty.

Debi Colour: (30 yrs old) Make-up and hairstylist for FSN, the "unofficial" office therapist to the stars. She is the person who holds the secrets to all the hosts because of her listening ear and comforting nature.


A TV shopping host finds love in all the wrong places as he seeks fame, fortune and acceptance- eventually discovering his true calling…



In memory, everything seems

to happen to music


Pilot Episode

“One Night With You”

Baltimore 1976. The year of independence and Dale Madison and his two best friends, Keith and Boo are teenagers living in their truth. The three teens, who all love the girl groups, dress up in drag and perform for themselves in the Madison garage. Dale feels he has been born to be a star and always takes the center position as Diana Ross does in her girl group, The Supremes.

Dale's mother, Miss Lovelean, a strict Christian woman disapproves of their behavior. She's a single mother raising two boys who are "different." Tension in the single-family household surrounds the lifestyle of Dale and his brother Ricky who don't play sports with other boys.  Dale is a talented designer who makes the costumes for him and his friends. As a peace offering, he makes his mom a church dress. Miss Lovelean rejects wearing the dress because of what it potentially represents to the nosey judgemental women in her church. 
Our story picks up in 1991, when Dale, Keith, and Boo are in their 30's. Dale creates a gig for himself by telling African stories to children. Boo is the stage manager for a fashion network, and Keith manages a nite club. Dale is in a kinky sexual relationship with Melvin, a married man who is a teacher at one of the schools that he performs. To establish emotional boundaries Dale establishes a "no kissing on the mouth" rule. 

Things change for Dale when he gets a call from Boo to audition for the Fashion Style Network (FSN) as a host. Despite a tense encounter with Ingram, one of FSN's star hosts, Dale nails the audition and is hired. Dale has finally landed a job where the world will see him as a star from midnight to three am. He's determined to find a way to take his center position on this new stage. FSN will be his Motown and he will be Miss Ross.

We soon come to learn that this new door opening for Dale also lowers his emotional boundaries toward Melvin. They kiss on the mouth for the first time.  We also dip back to 1976 and see that Miss Lovelean, in a show of unconditional love to her son wears the dress Dale made her to church. We close in 1991 where we see Dale who still performs in drag, but now as a solo act, in the drag club managed by Keith. Boo and his brother Ricky are in the audience for support.  Dale is ready to take on the world, with the help of his friends as he performs the Mary Wilson  ballad "One Night With You."


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Television Series created by Dale Guy Madison



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