I am a product of the media of television. I was conceived between an episode of Roy Rogers and Wagon Train on a balmy night in July of 1957. Nine months later, Dale Guy Madison was born. Named for Dale Evans, Roy’s wife, and Guy Madison, one of the guest stars of Wagon Train, my purpose in life seemed destined.

I knew from the time I was a small child I had been given my name for a special reason. Why else would my parents have named me after those white people? It was the late ‘50s when I was born. The civil rights movement was huge. Success was about crossover. That’s what the Supremes did. They crossed over. They weren’t just stars for the black community; they crossed color barriers. Even white kids knew their names. I wanted people to know my name, Dale Guy Madison. The name reminded me of the Hollywood star Edward G. Robinson.

Around the fourth or fifth grade, I used to make the morning announcements over the school’s PA system. Being the morning announcer always made me feel very special. The teachers always told me I had a great speaking voice. In class, I was always called on to read aloud. From the time I appeared in my first school play Jimmie and the Sleep Fairies, I was hooked.

Jimmie is a little boy who refuses to go to bed until he is visited by fairies that tell him, “Early to bed and early to rise makes a young boy healthy wealthy and wise.” Jimmie starts going to bed early and so did I, because I wanted to be the same.

My life has been a series of successes that allowed me to produce numerous projects. Fortunately I have this wonderful platform to present it.

I am a strong Aries. My birthday falls 15 days after Mary Wilson and 5 days before Diana Ross. If fate had dealt me a different hand, would I be a well known star?

I felt like Dorothy in the Wiz, not sure of where to take my next step. My life had played out like a fantasy in the land of OZ and I was looking for home. I was looking for fame, fortune, acceptance, but I had it right here inside me. I had this story to tell. I had this life that spun me around like a blizzard. I met wild and crazy characters. I met wonderful people and I touched their lives and they gave me a lot in return.

The Panty Man from dale madison on Vimeo.