dale guy madison is a damn good man.

It is not only a catch phrase; it is my mission in life. 

damn good man productions is a business venture of dale guy Madison

created to produce entertainment and educational events that address artistic, literary, cinematic, cultural, & gender based empowering messages. 

The goal of every project is to be damn good!

A spoken word poet as well as an actor, Dale hosted Soulful Salon’s Third Thursday open mic night at Jewel’s Catch One 2006-2007 and produced “WANTED: Damn Good Man,” a spoken word CD.

Dale spent most of 2007 performing his brand of spoken word at Long Beach Pride, San Diego Pride, Los Angeles Pride (ATB), West Hollywood Book Fair and Sabor Con Fusion.

WANTED: A Damn Good Man

Must be a king
when I need him to be
and a queen
when he wants to be
Must like old movies, classic Motown, TV Land and Adult Swim

Wanted: a damn good man
A man who loves God, himself and a good blunt
A man who s not afraid of PDA
(public displays of affection)
A man with a cause in life that gives him a purpose

Good oral hygiene a plus
Good oral skill a must
Education required
Degree negotiable
Experience preferred,
But don’t give me a long list of references

Open to new adventures that require
Giving and taking
Flipping and flopping
Laughter and conversations
Kissing and touching
Learning and growing
Sensuality and pleasure

Wanted: a damn good man
A man you can tell your dreams to
A man who slow dances in the dark
And kinky enough to have sex in a park

A man who says:
“Dayem baby you sure look good today”
A man who says:
“I love you dammit“in the middle of that argument
A man who makes you say:
“I’ll be damned, you just rocked my world”

Wanted: a damn good man
Interviews ongoing,
Long term contract,
Multiple orgasmatic benefits,
Apply: dale guy madison (at)