The process of forgiving is a painful one, yet necessary to advance to the next level in life

FREEda/Alfreda takes you, the audience, on his journey through the painful and pleasurable moments of his life to date. Alfred has chosen to be an "illusionist", a drag queen (some would say). He is also black and gay; two issues that already present obstacles almost insurmountable. As he shares his memories of childhood, friends, family, loves and losses, he reveals those masks we all use as a defense and security mechanism.

You are there with him on his New York City opening night. You are also privileged to see, from within the privacy of his dressing room, the "illusionist"-the person behind the masks. You will "see" that you need not be black nor gay nor a cross dresser to understand.

This critically acclaimed one-man show is written and directed by Darryl Lemont Wharton, staff writer of HOMICIDE: Life on the streets. Veteran performer Dale Guy Madison brings to life the fictitious character FREEda SLAVE (a.k.a. Alfred), an African American DRAG QUEEN.

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This multi-media theater piece uses slides, music, monologues and video to take the audience on the journey into this difficult and often misunderstood road to life. We explore issues that touch the Black, Gay, Transgender Communities: love, family, AIDS, discrimination, equality and acceptance.

FREEda talks "straight" to the audience and engages them in conversation and participation as each mask is unveiled. This performance joyfully exalts freedom of expression which we believe are rights of all people.

FREEda SLAVE was selected as DRAMALOGUE's Pick of the Week.

Currently a movie screenplay based on the play is being shopped around Hollywood, any interested producers please click on this link.

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