Many of you may have already worked with me as talent in the Baltimore, DC, Philly and New York area, but did you realize you can now book me as wardrobe/ costumer?

Theater companies have used my skills to locate wardrobe and create original costumes for years. My (4) years as host on the QVC Fashion Channel afforded me the opportunity to learn the fashion industry inside out. I have an understanding of fashion history, style, fabric, color, coordination and construction. I have been recognized for my own unique wardrobe and launched a line of hand-made Afrocentric dolls based on my fashions.

Local independent films have recently discovered my reliability and creativity and now I am available to YOU!

dgm is a self taught designer, works in the industry as an actor and model. As a free-lancer he provided wardrobe for the "Drawing for the Clothed Figure" class at the Maryland Institute College of Art for eight years (1979 - 1987).

"Chris Spencer's Chocolate Sundaes" (Key Wardrobe) Chocolate Sundae Productions 2005
"Gangsta Mafia" (Designer) Soundboy Entertainment 2002
"Seven Girlfriends" (set costumer) Seven Girlfriends,LLC 1999
"Liberty Heights" (Wardrobe Assist) Liberty Heights Productions 1998
"Random Hearts" (stitcher) Random Hearts Productions 1998
"Lunchables" (Key) Ebell Productions 1998
"WAL-MART" (Key) E.Morris Communications 1998
"Maryland Lottery"(Wardrobe P.A.) The Iris Film Group 1997
"Louisville" (on Set Dresser) The Film Foundry 1997
"Detention" (Designer) East Redwood Production 1996
"Path of Braids" (Hairstylist) Ferri-Harris Production 1987
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"RAGTIME" National Tour ( DC) LiveEnt Productions - dresser 1998
"Actors Against Drugs" A.A.D.touring company 1988 to 1998
"Umoja Sasa ! Storytellers" U.S.S. touring company 1988 to 1998
"FREEda SLAVE: Mask Of A Diva" ARTSCAPE '95/MOCAPP 1995
"The Man, the Woman & The Lady" Baltimore Stop AIDS Campaign 1992
"Skeletons" Wet Peaches Production 1989
"A Storm is Coming" Kuumba 1988
"Thunderthigh Revue: Sticking & Pulling" Kay Lawal touring wardrobe 1987
"Palmerhousen" Diverse Works Maryland Art Place
in conjunction with Center Stage 1987
"Murder Mystery Weekend" Prime Suspects Inc. 1986 at Treemont Plaza
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