Should Straight Actors Play Gay Roles?
Critical paper exploring the history of Hollywood
actors playing    gay characters and the impact of these
roles on their careers.

Gay Marriage: Put a Face on it
As a parent, how does one address and cope with the
emotional impact of one offspring’s inability to marry
vs the other’s to marry?

Iconic Divas and Why Gay Men are attracted to
Why do we love Judy, Barbra, Diana & Madonna?

Motown Martin & Me
How the impact of Motown music affected this gay
black man.

The Risks of Being a Gay Performer in a
Straight Entertainment Industry
This paper explores the history of gay Hollywood stars
who were forced to remain in the closet to protect their
careers and actors who tacked gay roles and accepted
the risks.
A Lifetime of Acting
How I got to be where I am as an actor.
How Can the Use of Arts Education
Make an Impact on the LGBT Youth who are at
Exploring arts education as a tool for reducing suicidal
tendencies and inspiring LGBT youth to be successful.