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Friday, August 5, 2011
Highways Performance Space Artistic Director Leo
Garcia presents "
My Life in 3 Easy Payments" as part
Behold: The LGBTQ Performance Festival.
Sunday, June 12, 2011
Dale, a volunteer mentor with LifeWorks, is featured in the
I AM, WE ARE prevention campaign sponsored by
WeHo Life. This campaign features organizations that offer
Gay men opportunities for a positive experience in their
own lives and a positive impact on the larger community.


Saturday, April 30, 2011
Sissy Sammy acknowledged on the blog Adventures of a
Box Cutter.

Thursday, April 28, 2011
30 Minutes Before Midnight: How do you celebrate the life
of someone who loved to drink? Dale Guy Madison
explores this topic on his blog "30 Minutes Before

Monday, April 25, 2011
Dale Guy Madison a featured performer at Queer
Mondays, LGBT Experimental Performance series on the
last Monday of the month at Highways.
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Dale Guy Madison is an educator, writer, performance artist, filmmaker and former host for the QVC network. The Maryland State Arts Council recognized his one-man show, FREEda Slave: Mask of a Diva, which addressed issues of cross-dressing and intra-discrimination in the gay community. He has hosted and performed spoken word at various gay prides across the country. A short film based on one of his original poems, "The Panty Man" screened in 2009 at the Chicago Black Harvest Film Festival, The Show Off Your Shorts Festival, The Los Angeles Pan-African Film Festival and Africa in the Picture Festival of Amsterdam.

He received an Audre Lorde Scholarship in 2006 and completed his BA from Antioch University in 2009 and a Master of Arts in Education with an Emphasis in Leadership and Change in 2010. Dale released his memoirs entitled, DREAMBOY: My Life as a QVC Host & other greatest hits. The film version received "Best LGBT film" at the 2008 San Diego Black Film Festival. His latest book is an adult fairy tale, Sissy Sammy in the land of WEHO90069. It is the story of a feminine boy from the hood who after a bullying incident wakes up in an all-gay town.

My Life in 3 Easy Payments is a new one-man show by Dale
Madison, critically acclaimed spoken word performance artist
educator, writer, actor, filmmaker and former host for the
QVC network. Madison speaks to the pop culture
phenomenon of reality shows and the quest for fame at any
cost. If you have basked in the shallow cloak of fame, can
you ever really recapture it? Inspired by Sunset Boulevard, A
Star is Born, Dreamgirls, drag queens, Diana Ross, Glee,
music videos, African storytelling and his own unique
experience of selling products on live television, Madison
offers a humorous interactive story through spoken word,
songs, storytelling and video footage of his life inspired.